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Are Skincare Routines Necessary?

When you think of the term "skincare" what do you think of? What may first come to mind is something of repetition that may be tedious or unnecessary. Well, what when it comes to maintaining your personal health, having a set skincare routine is very important, here's why:

What are the Benefits of Implementing a Skincare Routine?

In general, maintaining and improving your overall skin health in your body is extremely important. In a health aspect, it allows you to prevent and fight against potentially infectious diseases that can enter your integumentary system through pores or your skin. Skin health is also important in the aspect of becoming more presentable and attractive to your peers.

Having a set skincare routine will not only improve your overall skin health, but it will also serve to create a form of discipline within yourself. Staying consistent through any kind of routine can be applicable to many other aspects of your life where you wish to create a new habit, such as waking up early or going to the gym. As you start to do activities more and more, that activity will build up into a habit and will come naturally to you. So, ultimately, starting with a basic habit like a skincare routine is a good place to begin for someone looking to build up their dedication to activities.

Parts of an Effective Skin Routine

  1. Cleansing: Using a cleansing product is important in order to clean off any and all unwanted substances off your face that you may have carried with you. These products usually come in a smoother texture, and should be used for all skin types. Typically, they are more gentle to the skin and are to be washed off.

  2. Toner: This step is optional, but is recommended in order to flourish your skin with its necessary nutrients and vitamins that it needs. Using toners can make your face more smooth and calm. Popular toners that people use include oil-based or acid-based toners like salicylic acid.

  3. Moisturizer/Sunscreen: Using moisturizer on your skin allows for your skin to retain its moisture levels in order to avoid it from drying out or creating dry patches. People may often assume that oily skin types don't need to moisturize, but this misconception is not always true as even having a lightweight moisturizer can allow your skin to look more healthy and soft. Using a sunscreen is an often overlooked step for most, but is extremely important. Using a sunscreen in the mornings or before you go out is especially needed in order to prevent getting damaged by UV rays. Long-term, it can allow you to prevent getting skin conditions like skin cancer. Some moisturizer products have built in sunscreen protection in them, so look out for those in order to avoid having to apply twice for convenience.

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